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Three and five-day courses on hair styles and make up were carefully developed to demonstrate different techniques and styles, hand positioning and correcting the errors of previous trainings. The course emphasizes the optimization of movements when making hairstyles/make up and the creation of a perfect image of the client. The courses are held for specialists who have basic education and work experience. The course participants have the opportunity to develop professional skills, increase the level of their expertise and get acquainted with the latest fashion trends. The training is conducted in a dynamic and creative atmosphere, an individual approach and deep knowledge on theory and practice are guaranteed to the participants.

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Our trainers

Tatyana Arkhipova
Ludmila Tarakanova
Makeup artists
Elizaveta Stavrova

and others...

Hairstyling art


  • Express basic hairstyling course
  • Elegant hairstyles for long hair
  • Holiday hairstyles for short hair
  • Wedding hairstyles for long hair
  • Wedding hairstyles for short hair
  • Daily salon hairstyles
  • Cocktail hairstyles
  • Fantasy and carnival hairstyles
  • Fashion hairstyles
  • Hairstyles of hair curls and waves
  • Postiche decorations
  • Hairstyles with postiche decorations

Makeup art


  • Basic makeup course
  • Express basic makeup course
  • Various extension courses:
    • Salon makeup
    • Daily makeup
    • Business makeup
    • Evening makeup
    • Wedding image
    • Fashion trends
    • New makeup schemes
  • Podium makeup for fashion shows
  • Carnival makeup
  • Ā«Fundamentals of coloristicsĀ» seminar
  • Schemes of contest makeups
  • Body art. Anatomy. Fundamentals of composition
  • Extension courses for trainers of professional schools

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